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Earnest and Tova Borgnine - Hollywood Hills, California

How does the house of your dream look like? We, at WG Design Lab are known to design luxury homes. 

Gary Short - Palm Springs

Villa Mountana - Palm Springs

Black Ensemble Theatre - Chicago

Villa Granada - Bel Air, California
Wailea, Hawaii Residence
Jim Clark - Laguna Beach, California

Our Clients and Projects

Works in Progress

Dionne's Supper Club, Newark, New Jersey

Finished Projects

Black Ensemble Theatre Chicago, IL                         Commercial Project: Jacky Taylor, Director


Richard and Paula Cleveland                                   Blue Waimea Gold Course.                                           Maui, Hawaii.

David Elliott American songwriter and songwriter. Newark, New Jersey.

Villa Montana, Recording Producer.                           Hollywood Hills, California.

The Wiltshire Penthouse. Wiltshire Corridor.

Villa Granada, 14,000 sq. ft. restoration. Stone Canyon and Sunset Blvd Bel Air, California

Ernest and Tova Borgnine, American  Actor            Tova Nine Beauty Products. Hollywood Hills, California.

Sir Tom Jones, Welsh singer and recording artist.   Bel Air, California.

Garry L. Short, American Columnist. Los Angeles Times, Complete renovation. Palm Springs, California.

Jim and Paula Clark, Owner of the Canadian   Hockey Team. Lagunita Dr., Laguna Beach, California.

Villa Mountana, 6,000 sq. ft. renovation.                   Palm Springs, California.

Harold Malzner, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Head of the Palm Spring's Film Festival. Palm Springs, California.

Jerome Laurence American Playwright Co-founder of the Armed Forces Radio Service.           Malibu, California

Some clients remain unmentioned and not photographed. We respect their privacy. 




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